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ACA is an international association founded and incorporated in 1997 to promote the calligraphic arts.

Our membership includes new learners, experienced calligraphers and professional lettering artists from several countries.

We promote and encourage our members, and other calligraphers, to take advantage of many educational workshops and conferences that you will find on this site.

Our list of teachers of calligraphy opens a world of educational opportunities to local guilds and educational institutions.

If you have need of calligraphic services we are pleased to open that door for you through our directory of free lance calligraphers.

Looking for a Guild to join? Many of them are listed in our Guild Directory .

Calligraphers who have a desire to pass along the art of calligraphy to our children will find a helpful kit in the section devoted to Calligraphy in the Classroom.

If you want to learn a specific calligraphic hand (or artistic technique that compliments calligraphy) you may find that in our Learning Center. If not, contact us and let us know what skill you would like to learn.And, if you’re curious as to what other calligraphers are up to just tune into the Artists Showcase.

In addition to all of the above benefits our Association offers we have a Quarterly Newsletter that brings current events, skills and other interesting information about calligraphy to your mailbox.We also conduct an auction at each of the International Calligraphy Conferences to support a scholarship for a needy calligrapher with promising talent. At these conferences the ACA also hosts one of the evening socials.

In this fast paced era of rapid communication fueled by ever evolving computers, printers and cell phones it is important for those of us interested in the art and craft of calligraphy to join together in promoting our beloved art form.You are encouraged to join with us in preserving this ancient, yet contemporary, form of communication

Be one of us as we promote the art of beautiful writing.



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