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Calligraphy, by definition, the art of "beautiful writing” is one of the oldest artistic and literary forms known to mankind. Ancient scribes writing on papyrus, clay tablets, and vellum strove to make their writing very special. Monks in monasteries and medieval professional scribes brought their writing to a high form of artistic expression as they inscribed scriptures, sacred writings, and other works of literature and poetry. Scribes and calligraphers have that same passion today as they endeavor to make the written word an artistic treasure to be admired and treasured. The ACA exists to help the neophyte calligrapher, the accomplished professional, and the general public enjoy a passion for beautiful writing. WELCOME!

The ACA is a non-profit organization for everyone interested in the fine lettering and related arts. We aim to gather and spread information about calligraphy to anyone from new learners to professional artists to the general public who wonder; " what is calligraphy”. You can find teachers or guilds  near you, find a calligrapher for hire, order classroom teaching kits for schools, check out upcoming workshops or conferences, and even sign up for on-line classes in our learning center or just enjoy seeing examples from the modern world of lettering art.

Please visit each of the sections of our website beginning with About ACA. Click on the various sections listed under the main menu. You’ll find much to enjoy and much from which to learn. There are many amazing people and wonderful things in the world of calligraphy. I’m grateful to be a part of it. Enjoy your visit and come back many times.

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