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The Foundation for the Calligraphic Arts was founded early in the history of the ACA.  It was formed because the  ACA has both vocational and avocational calligraphers as members and it was therefore not feasible to give the ACA an IRS rating as a 503(C)3 tax exempt organization. 

 The FCA both receives and disburses money for charitable and not-for-profit purposes.  Contributions made to the FCA are income tax deductible.    Gifts may be made for the general purposes of the FCA or they may be designated for a specific calligraphic purpose   Gifts may not be designated for the benefit of a specific person. 

 Over the past several years gifts have been made to the FCA through the Conference Auction, by personal and corporate gifts. 

 The FCA has made grants in the form of the annual ACA scholarship, Calligraphy in the Classroom and other projects.  Most recently a grant has been made to expand the ACA website

 The Foundation is presently governed by a board consisting of Clifford Mansley, President, Donya Wyffels, Secretary, Arlene Lane, Treasurer and members at Large: Elisha Barr, Aimee Michaels, Holly Monroe, Linda Renc, Peggy Whalen and Joan Merrell (ex-officio).  Each board member is encouraged to search out individuals, corporations and foundations who might be contacted for support of various calligraphic endeavors.   All grants made by the Foundation must be approved by a majority of the board members.

 All grants are acted upon following the submission of a written request.  The request is made in the form of a letter stating  the name of the organization requesting the grant, the purpose of the grant, the budget for the program for which the grant is to made, funds other than the grant to be used in the program,  person or persons managing the grant and the outcomes expected from the program supported by the grant  Other information may be requested after the letter is received. 

 Grant requests must be submitted to Foundation for the Calligraphic Arts, c/o Clifford D. Mansley, Sr. 4368 Snowbrush Ct., Lake Oswego, OR 97035 or via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    Ample time should be allowed between the time of the request and the time of the program for which the grant is requested.   This will enable time for requesting additional information, submitting the request to the FCA board and granting or denying the request. 




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