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Learning Experiences for calligraphers and would be calligraphers are at the very heart of what we are as an Association.  Bringing educational experiences to young and old, veterans and neophytes is one of the goals of ACA.   We do it through notices of workshops and conferences throughout the land encouraging your participation.  For teachers who wish to reach children in the elementary grades we provide a kit known as “Calligraphy in the Classroom.  This kit may be purchased from ACA and used by teachers to integrate with the subject matter of nearby elementary schools.  Neophytes (would be calligraphers) will find “correspondence” courses available, for a fee, from time to time.   And, for the experienced, there will be courses that will stretch your skills and imagination. 

We welcome experienced teachers who wish to share their skills through the correspondence (by email) method.   For more information on how to become an Internet Teacher contact Maureen Vickery at .

Continued learning from opportunities through the ACA Education Section will help all calligraphers from 8 to 80 learn and improve the “art of fancy writing”.

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