Individual Membership Application

(Please forward to the ACA Membership Chair)


Today’s Date:__________________ Guild (if applicable)_________________________________

Name:             ___________________________________________________________________

Company:       ___________________________________________________________________

Address:          ___________________________________________________________________

City:                 ______________________________________State/Province_________________

Postal Code:    _______________________________________Country ______________________

Phone:             _____________________________Fax ___________________________________

Email:               ____________________________Website:________________________________

(Except for the newsletter, communication to the ACA members is electronic.  The list is not shared and email is sent “blind copy”)


Type of membership:  

U.S. Resident $35.00

Non U.S. Resident  $45.00


In addition to my membership I would like to sign up/renew the following services (which may be at an additional cost……..please refer to the website for more details):

Freelance Calligraphers listing    $10 per annum (includes contact information & up to 50 words)

Artists Showcase $25/year   (includes contact information, up to 50 words about artists & 5 images)

Teachers’ Directory - basic listing is free (includes contact information and up to 25 words of copy)


Teachers’ Directory - premium listing $10 for up to 75 words of copy. 

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I would like to volunteer my time to help support the ACA on the following committees.

My vocational and volunteer skills include:


___Publications   ___Communications   ___Exhibitions   ___Membership ___Fundraising __Website Management

___Public Relations   ___ACA Board     ___Education     ___Professional Development


Please process your PayPal payment and then complete and mail a copy of this form to:


Jane Parillo, Membershipip

26 Main Street

East Greenwich, RI 02818


Thank you for supporting the ACA!


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A global community that is educated, respected and inspired.

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The ACA strengthens, supports, and unifies the calligraphic community worldwide through information, inspiration, resources for education and opportunities for development