Top selling Executive Condominium Sol Acres

2016 has actually been a landmark year for the Singapore building market. However, the year saw some significant bargains and also significant brand-new residential property launches occur. As the year ends, allow us recollect just what recorded interest in the building scene, throughout numerous home fields.

Inning accordance with URA Realis, the mean rate of all devices purchased from designers has to do with $2,480 psf. This is an extremely appealing prices thinking about that the job is so centrally as well as tactically situated.

Sol Acres EC was among the brand-new building launches in the very early event of 2016.
We will certainly rank Sol Acres task’s excellent sales as one of the brand-new home launches that has actually attained considerable success. About why Sol Acres sales is so worth keeping in mind, it is since it is a prime (CCR) task that saw a high quantity of purchasing task when it was released. This remained in sharp comparison to the slow sales of premium homes seen in the CCR. Exactly what are the understanding factors from this task for premium building sector? You may visit for details as well as exist any kind of excellent knowing factors for designers seeking to release or market premium property tasks. acres site plan